About Us

Uganda Sasa (Sasa is kiSwahili for “now”) is the brainchild of Jackson Oboth and Emmanuel Owaraga. We are two proud Ugandans convinced our country’s story needs to be better told and that no one can tell it better than Ugandans themselves.

Much of the world continues to see Uganda through a glass, darkly.  The Pearl of Africa’s sheen is still obscured by ghosts from the past. The journey to broadly shared national prosperity is a long and difficult one, putting Uganda at the mercy of strangers who, however generous and well-intended, have their own biases, agendas and perspectives. In the global marketplace their voices tend to overwhelm ours.

All too often, the mirrors held up to Uganda are the fun house variety that distort the reality of our country in strange and disturbing ways. Through this blog and associated social media channels, we aim to provide a corrective. Are we prejudiced? Absolutely. We are thoroughly biased in favour of Uganda. We want to see tourists, investors and trading partners beating an enthusiastic and persistent path to our country’s door. But to make our case, we know we have to be balanced.

We also know we cannot make the case on our own. That’s why we are reaching out to everyone who feels as we do about our country and asking you to join us in defining and championing what makes us proud to call ourselves Ugandans. We hope you will not only follow Uganda Sasa, but actively join with us in telling the Ugandan story by sharing yours.