Ugandans Wait for Results

A voter while delivering the voting paper just voted
Ugandans at the polling stations

For the most part, the ballots have been cast and now it’s time to tally the votes cast today by Ugandans voting for their president and parliamentary leaders. Voting began early in the morning, with many polling stations reporting long lines of voters.

Some voting stations did not receiving ballots in time. In an effort to allow all voters to cast their votes, those stations are now delaying closure until 7pm.

Tallying has begun in stations where voting ended at the scheduled time of 4pm. Each station will send results electronically to the district tallying center. The national tallying center will then collect results from all of Uganda’s 112 districts.

While the results are being sent electronically, the physical ballots will also be sent to the national tallying center.

According to Ugandan law, the results must be announced by the Electoral Commission within 48 hours of the polls closing, or by 4pm on Saturday.

Social media has been blocked. In many contested elections throughout the world social media has been useful in reporting voter fraud, but it has also been the key vehicle for igniting violence.

Meanwhile, Kampala is quiet as people wait for the results.